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Video – Nulight Creative


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To see samples of our work visit our Video Gallery Here

We live in an age of instant information, where every minute is precious and seems to be scheduled. Communicating your message in this fast pace world can feel like an impossible challenge. There is no way to more effectively deliver a large amount of information in a short period of time better than video. The feeling of your piece is set by lighting, background music, and even something as simple as the clothing of the presenter. A message is instantly given context before a word is spoken.

At Nulight Creative we think that any message that you want to deliver, can be done more effectively in video. Marketing messages can captivate a crowd with no effort other than taking the minute to relax and watch. Corporate communications can seem very scripted in an email, but can be brought to life by putting a face to an idea and can reach your team around the world. Professional training courses can be long and overwhelming in print, but can be taught in a fraction of the time and with better knowledge retention by your students. Nulight Creative will help you develop the best piece to educate or entertain your audience.


  • Corporate communication videos
  • Digital training tools
  • Editing services
  • Motion graphics
  • 2D/3D animation
  • Voice-over capability
  • Trade show loops
  • Social media integration

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